Wood Slab Furniture

Solid slab wood offers something that no other wood products really can: they tell the life and the story of the tree that is being used. In it you can see the growth rings, the scars, the different mars and imperfections from a life well-lived – things that are a bit more hidden and difficult to see in furniture made with lumber. With single slab furniture, you can keep the live/natural edge, you can cut it off, or you can have a slight mix of both. If you cut it off, you can add shape the edge to meet your stylistic and design needs while still seeing the life and story of the wood being used.

Concrete Furniture, Floor, and Design

Concrete is an amazing material that really offers itself to any shape, style, or design. It is hard, durable, and offers cool tones to any room or piece that it is used in. It is beautiful on its own but can be combined with wood or steel to create products that offer a stunning visual and textural component, walking the line between a usable piece and art.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood is amazing; it tells a story that none of the other materials can, something that we all resonate with on a deeper level, second chances. This wood tells two stories: its life as a tree and its life as _____(fill in the blank). Generally, its second life came as a building of some kind, hidden away for hundreds of years sometimes, waiting to be used again. In using it for furniture, we take this wood, clean it up, and turn it into something beautiful to appreciate for generations to come. Each piece of furniture tells its own story, the story of the boards and pieces making it; there are cuts, gouges, holes, rot, nails, and more in these pieces and yet, each imperfection makes the piece beautiful – a sentiment to which we, as people, can relate.

Plywood Wood Furniture

Plywood is an interesting and stable material. It brings a modern and contemporary look to a room furniture of any design and can be made and shaped in nearly any way to meet your stylistic needs. Plywood is also an affordable alternative, in many cases, to solid wood and wood slabs, so if you have an idea and would like to have the shape and feel of solid wood or slabs without the price, plywood is an amazing option – plus, we really think the layered-look is super cool!

Creative “Buy-Products”

These are pieces that come as a result of a thought process; this process could be mid-build or in preparation for an upcoming one. Sometimes we just have an idea and want to see what it looks like and how it feels. They are the only pieces that we build and sell that are not made-to-order. If it fits what you are looking for, though, these are still one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

If you like something you see and it has been sold, let’s talk and see if we can’t make something just for you!