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“We are a small, family-owned and operated company that designs and builds custom wood and concrete products for residential and commercial spaces.”

- Chris Roth, Owner

Our Company

Areté means to pursue excellence. In the pursuit of excellence, great things are accomplished, new things are learned, and barriers are broken. As a company, we strive for excellence, we look at projects and don’t ask “why?” but instead ask, “why not?” We strive to offer unique, high-quality products that can last not just a lifetime, but for generations; to create pieces that bring that subtle smile to your face each time you see it; to create products that give you a sense of satisfaction each time you use it.

Our focus is custom work and that means we work closely with our customers throughout the entire process. If you have an idea and aren’t sure of the cost – or if the idea will fit your current budget – we are here to help! We can build to your specs if you have a design already made and materials in mind, or we can walk with you through the steps of material selection, color, and design of your piece.

Our People


Chris began woodworking back in 2014 in an attempt to build Christmas gifts for his friends; with no real woodworking experience, this proved to be a challenge. This challenge, however, uncovered a hidden passion for creating and building. The ability to work with his hands and give wood and concrete another purpose is something that is both invigorating and fulfilling for him. He enjoys the challenge of taking something that someone else is imagining and turning it into a physical piece that they can then enjoy for a lifetime.

When he isn’t building pieces, Chris enjoys spending time with his friends and family, lifting both weights and rocks, and reading.


Rachel is the wife of Chris and co-owner of Arete Woodworking. She mostly stays out of the shop, as the last time she tried to lend a hand it landed her in the emergency room. Her expertise lies in communication and organization. As much as Chris is a designer and dreamer, Rachel is a realist that brings balance to the company. Her main role is to act as a sounding board to help Chris sift through ideas and project vision. In addition, she has taken command of the household and property management in order to free up Chris’ time for building and meeting with customers. She also cares for their son, Sequoia (yes, like the tree).

When Rachel isn’t holding down the fort or chasing a toddler, she enjoys exercise, reading, and being outside.

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